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We will design a website for your business!

An online presence is currently a necessary factor for companies wishing to grow! The best way to effectively attract new customers online is to create a professional website.

We will design a website according to your requirements and current standards. We treat each client individually - we will adapt the design to your business and budget, so your website will be exactly what you need.

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For each website we provide:

the so-called "lifetime" warranty for the operation of the website - if you host it on (or 12 months)
hosting with email support - 1 year free (when ordering a website)
Internet domain registration (website address)1 year free
SSL certificate (data encryption)1 year free
responsive version (website adapts to mobile devices)


Łatwe zarządzanie stroną

Nasze strony i sklepy internetowe opieramy na naszym autorskim systemie innCMS (system zarządzania treścią strony), który zapewnia prostą i sprawną obsługę strony przez klienta.

To rozwiązanie jest przeciwieństwem otwartych/ogólnodostępnych systemów CMS typu Wordpress, Joomla - dzięki czemu dostarczamy bardzo prosty, czytelny, szybki, a co najważniejsze bezpieczny panel administracyjny dla Twojej strony lub sklepu.


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Websites in CMS
Individual graphic design or template customization (without limit of corrections).
Unique look of the website according to your preferences and UX/UI principles. CMS
Website functionality tailored to a given activity.
A website tailored to your business - individual functions and solutions. CMS
Our websites are basicly friendly to positioning in Google
And if you need full customization and optimization for SEO - let us know!

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Why websites from
  • 1
    Individual graphic design with no limit on corrections
    We do not run any revision limits - we aim for the best final result and a fully satisfied customer.
  • 2
    Proprietary CMS tailored to the customer
    For our clients, we have developed a proprietary innCMS system that is tailored specifically for each client.
  • 3
    UX/UI design
    We create our websites according to the requirements of UX/UI design, i.e. so that the user is fully satisfied.
  • 4
    “Dożywotnia gwarancja”
    We provide a so-called "lifetime" guarantee on the operation of your shop or website - if you keep it hosted on

Websites - FAQ / questions and answers


What is a custom graphic design?

Individual website design is a unique and personalized plan for the appearance and layout of a website, created specifically for a given client, taking into account their preferences, needs and business goals. The graphic designer responsible for the project works with the client from the planning stage to the launch of the test version of the site.

Dedicated graphic design includes the appearance of a given project on desktop and mobile devices. It designs the most important/key elements of the site i.e. tabs and sub-pages. The rest of the elementsós that do not appear on the project maintains the overall style seen in the project. (e.g. login page, registration page, pop-up forms, return tab, etc.)

How much does it cost to create a website?

The cost of designing and launching a website can vary significantly depending on many factors that's why we price each project individually. As a rule of thumb, it should be assumed that launching an online store costs from about a thousand zlotys in góhand (depending on customer requirements).

Major factors affecting the cost of a website:

  • Scale of the project
  • .
  • Customization and graphic design
  • .
  • Additional integrations
  • .
  • Marketing

Call for a free no-obligation quote.

Can I manage the site myself?

Yes, we base most of our implementations on a friendly (proprietary) website content management system (CMS). This allows clients to easily make changes to their sites themselves.

How long does it take to create a website?

There are many factorsóing the time it takes to launch a website - but in our experience, designing a dedicated solution takes from 1 to 3 months (depending on the project in question).

What do I get in the package along with the website?

In the basic package you get a website, content management system and technical support.

Additionally - ordering a website - you get hosting, domain and certificate services for 1 year free.

Can I count on help if I have problems with the site?

Yes, the website can be under constant technical care, but it depends on individual agreementsów.

For each implementation we provide a minimum of 12 months of warranty, and if you maintain a website or store on hosting - we provide the so-called "lifetime warranty" (as long as you maintain services with Us we give you a guarantee of their proper operation).

Will the site adapt to mobile devices?

Yes, all of our projects (websites and online stores) are responsively designed, i.e. adjust to mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Can I make revisions to the website design?

Yes - you can make corrections to the individual website design, and the number of corrections is unlimited (until the project is approved). Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

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