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We will acquire more customers for you!

Simply having a website or e-commerce shop is not enough to attract customers to it. If we want someone to find it on the Internet by typing in a word related to our business, we need to position it properly.

At innWeb.pl we will improve the position of your website in Google search. Positioning will put your company at the top of the results, and potential customers will find your company among the competition and be able to get in touch with you.

PS. We will also take care of your company's position in Google Maps. This is especially important if your business is based within one city.

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Do you run a local business?

If you run a local business and depend on visits to your stationary shop, showroom or office then a business card on Google Maps will be important for you.

Contact us - we'll help you chase down the competition and get to the top of the results.


Do you want to target customers in your chosen country?

If you have a website or online shop and location is of little importance to you then SEO will be perfect for you.

We will take care of gathering traffic and acquiring new customers.


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Positioning tailored to your budget
Individual offer tailored especially for you. We will analyze your website/business for free and propose a solution.
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Positioning your Google My Business business card
We will help you stand out on Google maps! This is especially important for small and local companies that want to be present in a specific city.
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Comprehensive audit of your website/store
Audit with competition analysis - we will choose an SEO strategy



We will analyze your business andfind the right solution for you.

Contact us and we will tailor the offer to your requirements and budget.



from € 125/month *

Package characteristics:
  • local companies
  • individual solution
  • business card positioning
  • operation tailored to the client's budget
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(Most common choice)

from € 225/month *

The package includes:
  • comprehensive audit
  • positioning
    up to a dozen or so phrases
  • page optimization
  • acquiring links
  • copywriting
  • content marketing
  • monitoring and analysis
  • reporting
  • BONUS - Business card optimization
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individual pricing

The package is characterized by:
  • positioning of an individual number of phrases
  • positioning abroad
  • store positioning
  • business card positioning on maps
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What affects the position of a page?

       One of the most important factors is unique and valuable content. They should contain both keywords and provide users with interesting information. Their arrangement, graphic layout, linguistic correctness, coherence and transparency are also important.

       Another important aspect is the page speed, or rather the speed of its loading. The importance of this factor has increased relatively recently and now has a large impact on the position. Page speed is influenced by many elements of the code itself, the page files, server speed, and much more.

        Linking - both internal and external linking. Backlinks, i.e. URLs leading to our website, are also a ranking factor. In this case, what matters is not only the quantity, but above all the quality of these links. Links from low-quality sites and other SPAM will only harm you.

The elements listed above are just three factors that can be broken down into smaller components. They are only the tip of the iceberg in positioning.

How long does it take to see results?

The duration largely depends on the industry, competition, positioning area. The first effects can be visible after just a few weeks after making changes. Usually, however, the effects in the form of increased visibility are obtained after 6 or even 12 months of cooperation.

Why is positioning expensive?

Positioning requires a lot of expertise, backed by experience and the amount of time spent. Optimization is overseen by several peopleób - SEO specialists, programmers, copywriters, and often graphic designers. In addition, róve paid tools are needed, and it can also be expensive to acquire valuable backlinksóve.

What affects the price of positioning?

The price of positioning largely depends on the type of industry, the amount of competition, the intensity and scope of activities, as well as the scale of the business.

What does TOP3, TOP10 mean?

TOP3 is the position in the first tróy of resultsóin Google search engine. Similarly, TOP10 will be the position in the top ten resultsów. Getting to the top of the topóy is the goal of positioning.

What happens after the positioning goals are achieved?

After gaining the coveted positions, it is necessary to take care of their maintenance. So we recommend you not to give up positioning, thanks to which„r; your site is constantly developing. However, if you want to give up comprehensive positioning, we conduct the so-called „Monitoring mode” in whichór we observe selected phrases, and in case of loss of their positions, we take appropriate action.

How long do the effects last?

The effects of SEO will last until the competition overtakes us „not". Using SEO service, the positioned site is improved all the time. With the cancellation of the service, we will stop its developmentój. In this case, we may fall in the ranking, for example, as a result of marketing activities carried out by other companies.

What are organic results?

Organic results are the portion of resultsóra that do not include paid results (shown on the topóof the page) from PPC ads.

What does the report look like?

The report contains information on the position of selected phrases and information on the activities performed. It is sent by email at the beginning of each month. Every few months, the report is enriched with information on visibility, search terms, traffic on the site to illustrate the changes taking place and the progress of the work.

Why position yourself?

The price of SEO may seem like a big expense at first. In retrospect, it is the cheapest and most effective advertising on the Internet. The effects increase, and the cost does not change. This can not be said for paid advertising, the cost of whichós steadily increasing, and with their termination „we disappear” from the resultsów.

I don't want to share data to the website

In this case, we can base our work on the guidelines presented, whichóre to be implemented on the site. These activities you will have to entrust to your webmaster.

When to start SEO?

We can start positioning right from the beginning - with the start of website development. Contact us and we will create and design an SEO-friendly site from scratch, which significantly speeds up the process. Domains thatóre already quite a number of years old also have their value, whichóra can be positive or negative.  If a penalty of any kind has been imposed on the site, it takes a lot of time to position it.

Will I get guarantees of getting certain results?

Despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee a position in the TOP10 search resultsóre. This is because we cannot control the changes made in Google's algorithm, whichóre likely to „reshuffle” search results. Another reasonód is that we are not the only ones fighting for the podium, but competing with other companies. A website's position can also be influencedónd by the condition of the website itself. Often a limitation to 100% optimization can be the technology in which the site is made, or problems with the site server itself.

What information is needed for a quote?

For a quote, we need your website address, as well as information on what scale you would like to position. Is it local positioning or ogólnnationwide? Having this information, we conduct a shortót free audit, whichóry gives us a basic picture of your site, on the basis of which we determine the price.

He doesn't want to wait - I care about quick results

Positioning is a lengthy process that cannot be rushed. If you are very concerned about time, we recommend using paid ads. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer on Google Ads campaigns.

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