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Efficiently win customers with Google Ads

Unlock the potential of your online presence with's specialized service – 'Efficiently win customers with Google Ads.' Elevate your business visibility, attract a targeted audience, and achieve unparalleled success through strategic Google Ads campaigns. Discover how our expertise can transform your digital marketing approach, driving increased traffic and converting leads into loyal customers. Harness the power of Google Ads with and propel your business to new heights in the digital landscape.

Google Ads campaigns are ads that appear on Google's search engine and beyond. Your ads may also appear in the ad network, i.e. on more than 2 million websites and applications (e.g. YouTube, Gmail).

Advertising campaigns allow you to promote your business in a quick timeframe - instantly providing traffic to your website or shop.


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All advertising contracts in Google Ads are concluded for an indefinite period.

The prices given are net prices.


from EUR 62/month *

The campaign includes:
  • search network advertising
  • advertising on advertising networks
  • campaign monitoring (making small changes)
  • analysis and reporting
  • measuring conversions
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* the first month costs EUR 115 - campaign set-up,

* price quoted on a campaign budget of up to EUR 250 per month


The campaign configuration includes:

  • selection of keywords
  • configuration of analytical tools
  • analysis and selection of audiences (interests, demographics)
  • creation of advertising texts
  • creation of basic display advertising
  • choice of targeting locations

from EUR 115/month *

The campaign includes:
  • search and advertising network advertising
  • creation and configuration of Google Merchant Center
  • campaign monitoring
  • analysis and reporting
  • remarketing campaigns
  • measuring conversions
Free quote

* the first month costs EUR 165 - campaign setup

* the price depends on the size of the shop's assortment


The campaign configuration includes:

  • creation of a product file/feed
  • configuration of analysis tools
  • optimisation of product images
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Why Google Ads at
  • 1
    guaranteed achievement of the objective
    We give a guarantee that the agreed target will be achieved - if we fail, we take on the cost of additional work
  • 2
    contract of indefinite duration
    You can cancel our services at any time - without any contractual penalties.
  • 3
    display advertising and remarketing campaigns
    When creating Google Ads campaigns, we also create display ads and remarketing campaigns for shops as part of the package.
  • 4
    competitive prices
    We provide the highest quality services while maintaining competitive prices on the market

The price offer presented is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art.66 par.1 of the Civil Code
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How do Google Ads work?


In order for your ad to show up in the search results, you must first create it, select a target group, and create a list of keywords to which our ad will respond.


When a user types a keyword into a search engine that matches the words we have selected, our ad will be displayed at the top of the search results. For this to happen, however, our ad must win an auction each time, on the basis of which, Google determines the order in which the ads are displayed.


The order depends on the rate, i.e. the amount of money we are willing to spend per ad click, and the ad quality score, which is created on the basis of a number of factors.

Who are Google Ads campaigns for?


Adverts work well for both regular websites and online shops. They can take various forms - text ads, image ads and, in the case of shops, product ads.


The use of advertising campaigns is recommended to all those who want to gain new customers and increase website traffic in a short period of time. You do not have to wait long for results. However, you will need the correct ad configuration and the right rate.

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