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We design and implement dedicated CRM, ERP and business applications systems. Implementing a customised system allows you to automate your company's processes, optimise working time and organise your data.

Our team of experienced developers is ready to fully support your business to achieve optimum efficiency and growth.

The functionality of the systems is tailored to the customer's business.

Tell us what you need and we will prepare a solution.

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Tworzymy dedykowane moduły

Dedicated systems - which support company operations - can be extended to include any solution, including:

  • synchronisation with accounting programmes (e.g. Subiekt, wFirma, iFirma etc.);
  • integration with external services (e.g. Allegro, Ebay, BaseLinker, etc.);
  • integration with forwarding services (e.g. Pekaes, DPD, DHL, GLS, inPost, etc.);
  • online chat/conferencing;
  • screen sharing;
  • GSM/VoIP calls (including call monitoring);
  • SMS sending/receiving (including bulk);
  • and any other according to your requirements!

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Dedicated systems - FAQ / questions and answers


Why invest in a dedicated system?

A dedicated system, such as a CRM, can bring many benefits to a company, including:

  • Improves customerów data management,
  • .
  • Improves sales efficiency,
  • .
  • Improves customer service,
  • .
  • Allows efficient data analysis,
  • .
  • Automates company processes,
  • .
  • Provides data security,
  • .
Why a "dedicated" CRM system?

A dedicated CRM system is designed and customized to meet the specific requirements and industry of a company. It can take into account special functions thatóre crucial for a particular company, its productsós and processesós, thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

How much does a dedicated system cost?

Although dedicated systems may be initially more expensive than universal ones, they can save money in the long run. With a better fit for the company's needs, the company can increase its productivity, leading to higher profitsón and operational efficiency.

The price of system implementation is one-time (the system passes to the customer) and starts from a few thousand zlotys (depending on the complexity of the project).

What is the implementation time for a new CRM system?

Full customization and implementation of the system for a given business, can take from 1 month in góhand (time depends on the complexity of the project and the required workload).

Do I need a dedicated system?

The choiceór between a dedicated and a universal CRM system depends on the individual requirements, resourcesór and strategy of the company. Before making a decision, it's worth conducting a thorough analysis and poróing the two options to choose the most suitable solution for a given company. In smaller companies or in industries thatóre not very specialized needs, universal solutions may be sufficient and more cost-effective.

The specialists at innWeb are always happy to advise which product will be right for you.

Can I expand the system with more modules?

Yes, our teamó³ is able to freely expand/customize the system according to the requirements of a particular business.

It is worth noting that the system is the property of the client and the system can be developed without the participation of

What features does the CRM/ERP system have?

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is used to manage customer relationships and includes functions such as:

  1. Customer data collectionów: A database containing customer information such as contact information, purchaseów history, interactions and preferences.

  2. Customer data collection.

  3. Contact Management: Allows you to track customer communications, schedule appointments and manage interactions.

  4. Customer contact management.

  5. Marketing automation: Support marketing processesós such as email campaigns, automated responses and personalized messages.

  6. Marketing automation.

  7. Analysis and reporting: Generate reportsóon and analyze data on customersóon, sales activity, and campaign performance.

  8. Analysis and reporting: Generate reportsóon and analyze data on customersóon, sales activity, and campaign performance.

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is used to manage resources and processes in an enterprise, covering functions such as:

  1. Human Resource Management: Enables tracking of employeeós data, salaries, working hours and training.

  2. Human Resources Management.

  3. Material Resource Management: Monitors inventoryós, orderós, delivery and supply chain management.

  4. Maintains the inventory, orderós, delivery and supply chain management.

  5. Financial management: Handle accounting, invoicing, payments, budgetsów and financial reporting.

  6. Financial management.

  7. Project management: Planning, tracking and managing projectós progress and resourceós allocation.

  8. Project management.

  9. Data analysis: Generate reportsów and analyze the company's operational and financial performance data.

  10. Data analysis.

Both CRM and ERP systems can include many other functions thatóre tailored to the needs and specifics of a given company.

The CRM and ERP systems can also include many other functions thatóre tailored to the needs and specifics of a given company.

Can I count on technical support in case of problems?

Yes, a dedicated system can be under constant maintenance, but it depends on individual agreementsów.

For each implementation we provide a minimum 12-month warranty, and if you maintain the system on hosting - we provide the so-called "lifetime warranty" (as long as you maintain the services with Us we give you a guarantee of their proper operation).

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Why a CRM/ERP system at
  • 1
    A proprietary CRM/ERP system tailored to your business
    We prepare a customised system to support your business regardless of its size - you can manage your customers and their services, right through to managing production, sales and human resources.
  • 2
    Integration with other solutions
    Possibility of integration with other solutions (e.g. Subiekt GT, GSM gateways, Smartphones, SMS gateways, Email).
  • 3
    "Lifetime guarantee"
    Zapewniamy tzw. “dożywotnią” gwarancję na działanie aplikacji internetowych - jeśli utrzymujesz ją na hostingu

Which dedicated system to choose?


A CRM system is useful in large and small companies because it can accelerate the growth of the business and help to attract new contractors. An ERP system, on the other hand, proves to be helpful for companies that focus on the turnover of goods, or on services, and want to have all departments in the company under control.

In fact, both systems, sooner or later, will come in handy in any business, as they complement each other and improve the brand's operations.


We create and adapt the modules and functionalities of the systems to the requirements of our clients. Depending on the requirements, we can extend each system with any functionality that will be useful to your company.


What functionalities do you need? Let us know and we'll take care of making them!


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